House Plans by Stephen Fuller

STEPHEN FULLER offers homebuyers, builders and developers home plans in a full range of sizes and styles. Each home reflects today's home buyers love of classic exteriors and their need for open, flowing, and functional floor plans. 

This is a hallmark of our designs and the reason why they appeal to those who value sound design and custom touches that make a home both comfortable and memorable. 

You will find that our PDF Booklets are as unique as our homes, so you can clearly visualize what a design will look like when it's built. We invite you to browse through our online store to take a closer look at our designs. We think you will find that they make you feel right at home. 


Stephen Fuller offers classic and new home plans and through today's technology is able to greatly enhance your experience beyond our early print formats with digital PDF's that you can easily download and print in the comfort of your own home. Or if you prefer to save a tree, download the PDF to your device to view and save. 



CEO | President

In a notable career, Stephen Fuller has received more than 40 awards of excellence for superior design, including three “Best In American Living” commendations from the National Association of Home Builders. Though Stephen believes that professional accolades are gratifying he mostly believes that just as meaningful are the countless affirmations he hears from families who draw unending pleasure and comfort from his creativity. In a world populated with me-too inspiration, Stephen Fuller’s instinctively fresh approach gives his designs noted personality.With Stephen there is always a surprising newness, even in his respectful interpretations of long loved styles. Instead of expected corners, you see sunlight bathing open spaces. In place of rote predictability, you’ll find sensitive responses to family needs. And in every room you will spot the signature accents that underscore true quality.Through his designs, Stephen Fuller gives expression to an abiding philosophy,that a home should live in harmony with its surrounds, and that tradition should live in harmony with time. A Stephen Fuller home is more than a residence; it is a thoughtful balance between nature and man. It is a place where the best of the past coexists with the demands – and opportunities – of today. These are the secrets that open the door to livable, functional style that is always elegant and distinctive about Stephen Fuller designs.